Zhonghua Palisade Fencing Manufacture Co.

Sited in North China, Zhonghua is a leading manufacturer of steel palisade, palisade fence, palisade gate and series fencing products. Offering a full line of standard and custom made fence products that have been tested, approved and accepted as meeting established Chinese and international standards



Construction Of Palisade

A standard panel is constructed from hot and cold rolled steel sections supplied for assembly on site. Panels consist of 17 vertical pales manufactured in "D" or "W" profile with a choice of tops. The pales are fixed to rolled steel angle horizontals which are supported by 100 x 55 joist posts.

A fish plate passes through a slot in the post and secures the horizontal rail captive in its position. The pales are connected to the horizontals to form the panel and are held securely together by utilizing vandal resistant security fasteners.

Fencing is supplied in 2.75m wide standard panels for easy assembly on site.
___Special panels and posts to step or rake can be supplied if required.
___Non standard posts for cranking over walls, or base plated for fixing to concrete are also ___available.

All steel components are constructed, assembled and installed by means of welding.
Typically each pale is welded to the top and bottom rails to form a panel, and consequently the panels are welded to posts to form eventually the fence.

The innovated palisade fencing components are assembled on site, and cannot be dissembled or taken apart, the fence structure is not rigid, but laterally flexible.

Each component of the palisade is manufactured separately, and assembled in such a way that the structure is based upon a "hinge" method. In this way, the security is further strengthened.

Security palisade fences can be made in D pale or W pale palisade.

D pale palisade in the thickness of 3.5mm is considered for security fencing and it can be divided into the following types according to tops:
--Square top
--Triple pointed top
--Single pointed top
--Round top
--Round and notched top e

W pale palisade in the thickness of 3mm is considered for security and it can be divided into the following types according to tops:
--Triple Pointed Top
--Single Pointed Top
--Round top

--Round and Notched top