Zhonghua Palisade Fencing Manufacture Co.

Sited in North China, Zhonghua is a leading manufacturer of steel palisade, palisade fence, palisade gate and series fencing products. Offering a full line of standard and custom made fence products that have been tested, approved and accepted as meeting established Chinese and international standards



Perimeter Palisade fencing

Steel palisade fencing is one of most sought after first line of perimeter defences. Palisade fences are modular and have a good aesthetic appearance.
The advantages of palisade fences over other forms of perimeter walls or fencing are that it is almost impossible to climb or cut.
Properly installed palisade fences provide a physical barrier, palisade fences are designed to stop any possibility of an intruder hiding behind, giving you an un-obscured view of your property.
Properly installed palisade fencing is also impervious to the elements and is maintenance free.
The forbidding appearance and inherent strength of the pales provide an effective deterrent to would be intruders.
Palisade fencing is offered in a range of heights up to 3.6 meters, and is self-adjusting to slopes of up to 1 in 3.We can supply palisade assembled in panels, or bundled for site assembly along with either bolts or rivets.
Palisade fence is available in a range of finishes, galvanised in, or galvanised and colour coated in various colours to blend with the environment.
Mesh Fence provides the following:
Steel palisade fences, palisade panels
Palisade fencing suitable for industrial, commercial and residential requirements
Electrified palisade fences
Specialized palisade fencing
Other palisade fencing materials
Construction of Steel Palisade:
A standard panel is constructed from hot and cold rolled steel sections supplied for assembly on site.

Panels consist of 17 vertical pales manufactured in "D" or "W" profile with a choice of tops. The pales are fixed to rolled steel angle horizontals which are supported by 102 x 44 joist posts.